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Full Version: Duck mounts $225
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[Image: yhegupyq.jpg]

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That is sweet looking

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Beautiful work!
Gorgeous work Howard. Not that I expected anything less Wink

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Thank you I do the best I can always learning more

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yancey tucker

225.00 dont sound bad, i aint ever had a duck mounted before so i dont know what the going rate for one is but that sounds right reasonable to me
Heck yeah. In my opinion that is a great price for that work. I had a pheasant done about 20 years ago (dang it I am getting old) and that thing cost me like $185 or $200. Prices are going up and that work is well worth the $225.

yancey tucker

i was just looking at a cabelas catalog the other day and they had some mounts like that they sold.