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Full Version: Callin all Va. Hunting waterfowlers!!
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What say you???  Get a group hunting up next year... Can be guided or unguided, either one...  Duck or goose, any point in the season.... Plan ahead and set some time and money set aside... I have two ready to roll... Anyone want2??
I'm game, know a good guide that could put us on ducks or geese! I vote for last split if we do it, so we can really get into em.
No problem with Teddy AJ.. I do think the guided hunt, planned in advance is the way to go..... No pressure on our group other that to hit what we are aiming at....   Ducks or geese is fine by me, see if we have any other takers!!! Do think it would be a nice , once a year get together?
Depending on location and price I might be in
Come on Bubba.. Will be a once a year to do.. Great chance to hang with the wreaking crew.. You can afford a day of fowlin around!!!!  Start saving now......
The guy I use is in northern va on the Potomac so would be close to you Thummy. I'm game for whatever, teddy has puddlers, divers, and geese.
A big group would probably be best for a diver hunt, maybe geese?
I would like to get in on a diver or sea duck hunt.
I'M GAME and i think enough of us live in the richmond metro area to make meeting up easier.
A diver hunt would be fun!!! As a rule you usually get done shooting... Sounds like a plan!!!!?
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