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Full Version: 2015 Waterfowl Pictures
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Pics only!

Congrats to skimerhorn for starting us off!!

[Image: ff618b462d257b7f872f350ff4ce0dad.jpg]
[Image: 20610ea6135bba1396deee49bbab239a.jpg]

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Way to go!     Duck for dinner Big Grin
[Image: 5c792aa7896a0a9a871b35a100812c34.jpg]

[Image: 461da29fe8eb84a63691714a357eb015.jpg]

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Looks like you had a great opening weekend. Congrats
A fine mess of ducks there dude!  Nice hunt Big Grin
Thank you. Looking forward to more blind/swamp time. Need to get BOW4UM addicted.

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Im addicted to whitetail! Buuuut im starting to back off it as evidenced by my baby kill and only hunted about 4 day so far Sad
Ha! I've hunted more than you!! 4 days of fowl and 2 of deer. About to catch up with you but need some antler to back it up :/

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You will you have the right spot but need to get in it, now is the time Smile. My hunting is changing and I’m a bit tired of hunting and killing local stuff I’m going to branch out. I may start a third lease somewhere like KY - OH - ID, who knows, like a bit closer. Just need partners... I enjoy the adventures trips provide and the feeling of doing it 100% on my own and with friends. I/we are going Elk hunting in 2017 and will start sending steel into the sky this season thanks to you Smile We will get them together like we do every year! I’m definitely holding out for 150"+ in KS after seeing a few in the 170" class Smile Wish you would come as I could use capable help. Get me on a canvas back!
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