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My food plots
Well most know my back plot last year came up and then died lol with the oats I planted. Well I put out Winter Rye last year after oats died out and I never took till this Spring. So I put out more seeds with a mix of oats about a month and half back maybe? My front plot I had oats nice there last year but the clover and brassicas never took so this year I tilled up the ground and planted Winter Rye, oats mixed. Guess what my Brassicas and clover are coming in now too lol. I tried a side plot about 40 yards away where the oats I tossed out during deer season and it took. The food plot not coming in well besides the oats itself but I put out more seeds yesterday and some corn here and in my back plot. I also posted in the deer section of game cameras pictures.

My front plot
[Image: 0eaab68d50744638fcd274450b1a957b.jpg]
[Image: 3d53849f7dd7422de6649b6454d2208f.jpg]
[Image: ce0952baf903d7b046f2b246788dc5bf.jpg]
[Image: 0184414dab9cc48549425a6ff8ef76c6.jpg]

Side plot
[Image: 68b28648d242641576c32a2fe5dbf148.jpg]

Back plot
[Image: 15e3d8b0ec8f3d9628069746fefde2b3.jpg]

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looking good. probably have too much tree cover for anything to grow significantly.
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The back doesn't get the sun I want after removing some allot but does get sun at different times of the day. The side plot I only removed for my shooting lanes last year. I try to get something to drow before trees became green again lol. We eill came fall time. I'm leaving my Winter Rye till then and then try Oats again.
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