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would like to make friends

I really want to go hunting this year! I have my license, but haven't been hunting since I moved back up here to Virginia and have ZERO contacts. Is there anyone out there who can help a brother out? Deer season may be several months off, but now is the time for me to reacquaint myself with the area and hunters.  I live in McLean.
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Get to know the folks at you local sporting good store.. someone there may be able to hook you up! Maybe even Craig's list. Still hunting clubs and or dog clubs are always looking for members!
Share your passion, that a kid hunting!
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Best thing to do is look at maps and start knocking on doors. It is tough to find property in Northern VA. Well is it tough every where but worse in NOVA. Good luck.

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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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Making friends is easy but not so much when looking for earth to hunt on . IMO your best bet is to find a church in your area and spend time with the members joining in all events with a helping hand . In time you will learn who has land and who hunts and offer you help and time for hunting .
Welcome to the forum .

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Welcome to the forum, start looking up local farmers or farms in your area that want groundhogs removed; that's a good start.
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