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Anyone seeing teal?!
I thought with this early cold front that it would've pushed some teal into the area already. I checked all the ponds on my farm in Fauquier this evening and not a duck one. But I counted at least 16 different woodcocks so evidently those are coming through.

This morning, I did see some on a pond down the road while i was driving but couldn't distinguish if they were woodies or teal.

Also I just looked up what you call a group of woodcocks: a "fall" Huh
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Nope can't say I've seen any here on the lower bay while at work.  Most all I've seen have been black geese . This early cold front is coming out of the north east and its got to come out of the north west to bring us birds down the lower eastern states . I don't want to  count what is in the bag yet but things are looking good for our teal season that starts in 7 days . That will give this hurricane time to move north and out of here and pull the jet stream down .

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