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Taxidermist near Northern VA
Ok we have a lot of newer members.  I need a taxidermist near Northern VA.  Couple things here......

I know the old you get what you pay for, but there is a point where the price just gets stupid.  I know a lot of work goes into doing a mount but at the same time $700 for a shoulder mount is insane.  Don't waste your time talking about Lee's in The Plains, VA.  I had them do a mount for me 2 years ago and for the $550 I paid for it I am not happy with it.  The eyes and nose look terrible.  They aren't nearly as nice as the two mounts I had done in PA.  Yes I understand that costs have gone up.  I paid $425 for the mounts I had done in PA.  That guy now charges $475-$500, which is fine, but that is 3.5-4 hours away. 

So can we get a list going of good taxidermists in the Northern VA area?  I wish I lived closer to Artistic Creations Taxidermy
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watching this one- always good to know where quality shops exist
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I used Youngs in MD just over the border on rt.15

He did a fantastic job on my euro and his gallery had some great pieces. Not sure how he prices for a full mount but I recommend giving them a look
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