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Has anybody tried these?
Saw these awhile back on the shelf at wally world. I was picking up the shockwaves to try. I didn't bite on the bor lock but curious if anyone has shot or hunted with them. I love federal stuff but didn't bite on these.
Folgers field tester, Quilted Northern Prostaff
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They look interesting.
Just trying to find a straight answer in a twisted world.

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Yep , tried them in my Wolf . They shoot just as good as anything else I have tried and stuff a lot easier . Have not yet shot any game with them , but hope to get to some ML hunting this coming week end , had a nasty bug for a couple weeks , has really limited time in the woods . Kenneth
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Got surprised with an answer this evening . My step son shot a big doe with this bullet setting on 100 gr. of triple seven out of a wolf at about twenty five yds . It was quartered toward him , he had to get to work and I was tasked with gutting it . When I opened the diaphragm , the bullet was in the top portion lying loose as it fell into my hand .
It completely broke the shoulder , to the point the leg was laying over its shoulder and seemed hinged about the middle of the shoulder blade . I didn't skin it as I had just gotten home from work and ran out of day light quickly . So I don't know what the shoulder looked like , but it was pretty wasted I'm sure .
The heart seemed to be in tact , but both lungs were mush and didn't get past the diaphragm . Which was ok with me , no gut mess . The bullet pedaled pretty much as the picture on the package shows , maybe a bit more . I thought it preformed well , but this was close , what it would have done at one hundred yard velocity , I don't know .
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Glad to hear you got it.
Folgers field tester, Quilted Northern Prostaff
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I got 'em mine. Yet to shoot anything with them.
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