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Trout in a ditch?
So, my town does a Trout Rodeo each year around March.  There is a brook that has about 9, waist-deep holes about maybe 30 to 50 feet in diameter spread out across half a mile in a park.  They stock about 15 to 20 trout in each hole.

Usually gets fished out within a few days after they let the kids fish, people descend on the fishing spots and catch every one within a few days.

This year, it was raining and no one caught any fish on the day of the event.

I got a nice rainbow on the hook with my Ronco Pocket Fisherman and a Bubblegum Pink  Trout Magnet lure the next morning, but it threw the hook.  I had to leave for an appointment later.

So flash forward 7 months.  I'm marching in the town's Halloween parade and I go to the rally point for my group in the center of town and walk across a bridge over a brook, next to a strip mall that has a Wendy's burger franchise.

I stop and realize this is downstream about a mile from the Trout Rodeo location and stop to ponder if any trout made it down this far.  I look down at the brook and see that under the bridge, there is a smooth concrete bottom with maybe an inch of water trickling across a stream that's maybe two feet across.

However, before the bridge are a bunch of rocks and what looks like a deep hole (undetermined depth) with a few bushes and trees overhanging from the banks.

As I looked to see how deep it was, I see a flash and a fish about 12 inches long leaps out of the water and plops back in.  Coulda been a Rainbow.

I wonder if trout could have made it down there and survived all these months?

Pretty urban area.  Even if they made it there, and I could catch them.... Would I even want to eat them?  With parking lot runoff and all that gunk that might be in the water?

I think I might wet my line this weekend.  Maybe really early in the morning before the shoppers arrive.  Just to satisfy my curiosity.
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Yes, the trout could survive the summer months. They can’t breed in the warmer water, but they can survive.

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