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Summit Stands
I am motivated to give credit to Summit Stands for their great customer service. I bought a viper climber stand for me and one for my dad many years ago. Since then, I've had four occasions to call them for replacement parts/hardware (small parts that are not listed on the website). All four times they have sent me the parts for free with free shipping. I'm not saying they'll do that for every customer but that's been my experience four times now and i love companies that do that and stand by their products! Great job Summit Stands!
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That is great.

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I really enjoy my Viper classic. Very comfortable and easy to climb. Sadly I still kill deer out of Gorilla. Just in the prime spot lol. But no where near my Summit in comfort.

I’m glad to hear how great their customer service are. I’m betting if not the same for all at least close!! My only worry with mySummit was the foot piece but have yet to break it lol. I wish mine had the foot rest ? lol

It’s a heavy stand but the shoulder straps are great and good support. My Gorilla I think is a tad lighter but a pain to carry.
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I love my viper- it’s been a great climber even though I got it second hand. Replaced cables and haven’t had any problems with it. I did add tread tape to the rungs just to be safe.
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