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Question regarding having a loaded shotgun
Can You have a loaded shotgun in Your vehicle, that is not concealed.  If You are moving from point "A" to point "B" in a vehicle - can you have a loaded shotgun (a round in the chamber)?  If You are having lunch at the "ole oak tree" off the state road, less than a 100 yds off the road - do You need to unload Your shotgun?  Not hunting, just moving from one spot to another, or meeting with fellow hunters at a location. County in question is King William
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i see no local restriction listed to prohibit such actions. as far as having a loaded gun to enjoy lunch at the ole oak tree, the restriction specify that you can't "hunt" within 100 yards of the road, so as long as you're eating and not hunting, i should think you'd be okay.
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It all depends on the law enforcement in the county. I almost always leave mine with bullets in the magazine, in the back of the van and in the case. In the past I asked both the sheriffs of Nelson Co and Orange Co that I know personally, "Is it legal for me to have my rifle loaded, cased and in the back of the van when traveling in your county?" Both have this ordinance: "It is unlawful to possess a loaded firearm on the road except when permission to hunt is obtained from landowners on each side".

The response from Orange: "Yes, we will write you a ticket." (By the book.)
From Nelson: "As long as your weapon is not within reach and is in it's case, then no." (Common sense reply.)

I understand both replies and don't have a problem with either. Deputies might handle it differently in either county.

But to answer your question, I think if your weapon is loaded and within reach, you're asking for a ticket.
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That just doesn’t make sense. My pistol is on my hip, loaded and obviously within reach.

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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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Tom Garrett put a bill in for vcdl that I suggested to eliminate that goofy ordinance statewide. suorisingky it was other republicense that asked him to withdraw the bill and he did. it is a patchwork ordinance that changes county by county
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