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Shotgun on a budget
I have a nova and a stoeger. Nothing but good things to say about both of them
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I had a Stoeger M2000 and it was a much better boat paddle than a shotgun. I've heard the 3000 and 3500 are much better but no experience with either. I like the looks and feel of the Nova.
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(01-03-2018, 11:25 PM)Squid Wrote: I'm a fan of Tristar shotguns.  I mainly hunt Turkey and pheasant with it but it has never failed me.

[Image: 86c21a154110f472fc08e67feae1e04e.jpg]

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I'll second the Tristar vote (tentatively for now). Earlier this season my 11-87 was jamming up regularly during waterfowl and I need a replacement. I went back and forth on buying an A300, Stoeger, or giving the Tristar Raptor a try. Money being tight had me waffling on the Stoeger/Beretta but I found a Tristar locally in the Richmond area brand new out of the box for $275. This is a full camo wrap semi auto gas cylinder gun that takes 2 3/4 and 3". It was a beast in the last half of the season for me. I had it out in the nastiest of nasty weather/swamp conditions and have 100 or so shells through it now and not a single jam.

We'll see on the durability end of things but my shooting actually improved significantly this season with this gun as the season went on vs. past performance. It's really comfortable to shoot and balanced well for me vs. the 11-87. For now I'm a believer. It's been a great gun and looks to be reasonably durable.
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