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What to do with all this ice?
I usually don't bother going after ducks until after deer season, but I think I missed my window! Everything is frozen over now except the big rivers, and I don't have a boat. I was planning on wading through swamps for wood duck, at this point I'd be better off with ice skates!

What are the odds of getting a few shots in when some of the ice melts off in a couple weeks?
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You'll be able to get back in the swamps next weekend. This ice has caused a lot of trpuble
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Thinking Tuesday AM or for sure by Wed AM. you should be able to find a hole or two on the main channel high flow areas. Good shot at rain tues night should get things busted up and highs pushing 50. That said I'm thinking I'm gonna hold til at least Wed and probably Thurs myself and let the birds get back into the swamp. Good shot at rain Thurs night thru Sat should fill er up again too. Woot. Lots and lots of feed they haven't been able to reach yet due to low water so plenty to draw them in still. You should be all good Max for last of the season birds.
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Yep, it’s going to break up this week. High on Sunday is almost above freezing and then with the rain forecast and highs near 50 degrees, it won’t stick much into next week. I’ll be out next week since I’m still on leave. Anyone wants to hunt with me or needs a buddy, let me know. All my spots are public but I manage to do semi-decent still.
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