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Shell Advice - Canada Geese
(01-16-2018, 08:44 AM)bluefishnc Wrote: Geese are tough.  Anything less than BB and you aren't getting through that layer of down on the body shots with any consistency.  Even with BBs on a 35+ yd shot a bunch of shot is gonna bounce off them.  I cleaned a bird this year that was killed at about 45 yds.  It had a couple in the head but on the body it was almost zero penetration.  Just lots of bruising.

Btw... Big ducks are in the swamps pretty good right now and a few stray woodies as well.  Only problem is they are flocked up good and tough to decoy but a few pairs mixed in to make it fun.  Hoping the flocks bust up a bit with the warmer weather and last 2 weeks here should be a blast.  :-)
I’m hoping that with the warm up coming over the next few days they get active again. I’m taking a forum member hunting this weekend for the first time. Shouldn’t be too cold and he’ll warm up on the walk in lol. Hoping for a semi-decent hunt for him...and me as well I suppose.
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I saw more birds Friday than all season combined (and I've seen a crap ton of birds this year). Literally 100s. So many I stopped trying to count/estimate. Almost all high fliers (400 yds up or so) in groups of 10 to 50 though that were educated. They'd get to within sight of my spread and then turn off. I should have busted up my spread and shrunk it from the dozen or so (pulsator, blood bath, and 10 mallard/woods) I was running to 4 or so mallards but I didn't. Got 3 early at first light and was lazy and didn't feel like messing with them again. If hunting anything like me (flooded swamp and 10 or so foot wide creek channels) I'd be going very decoy light right now I think. 4 to 6 mallards with one motion and spread the dekes out in pairs. That's my plan at least next time out. I'm sure I'll be changing my mind and singing a diff tune after I try that though... :-).
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I was going to carry no more than 10 decoys and have 3 on my jerk rig with the rest spread out some butt feeders and my spinner early on. If the birds don’t like the spinner then it comes out and everything stays the same. I’m always willing to change something if the birds get tough. I may slim it down from 10 and do 2 on the jerk rig and about 5 others spread throughout with the spinner off to one side. Not sure yet. We’ll be hiking a fair clip to a hole that the birds always fly towards when they get lit by other hunters. Hoping that they want to find a nice safe place to get shot in the face LOL.
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Good luck fellas. I am not going to make it out this weekend but hope to be out next Saturday.
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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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