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Puff Balls
I saw a couple on Monday just off the highway in NOVA.  They were hanging out at the water in the drainage at the off ramp.  Anyone else seeing any?
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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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I have seen a handful in my wanderings. I'm hoping for another big hatch of snows and specks this year. I can't ever remember seeing as many juvenile birds as I have in the past two years. My uncle, in Alberta, says he can't remember seeing so many geese in the past 58 years.
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VA hatch was probably decent to good until all the rain mid month. I watched a group of 5 mallard ducklings go from 5 to 2 inside 24 hours after one of the big floods washouts. Just a one off observations but for sure lots of little ones got separated and washed downstream and lost for good. This May was the rainiest in RVA in 130 years. Most places in the state it was top 5. On the positive that should bode really well for forage this fall. Sure to be lots to eat and hold them in the swamps.
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