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Which camera?
I haven't had game cameras for 3-4 years now.  The 2 I did have just stopped working and I never replaced them.  However, there is a special buck on the place this year and I want to try to catch a few pics on my snow pea/rape plots.  What is the most cost effective way to go for 2-3 cameras that will last at least a season?  I know there are some experts out there.  Give me your stone cold truth answers please.  I will spend 300, but if I can spend way less for one season I will.  What brand?
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I know there are mixed reviews on stealth cam, but I have had good luck with them and Moultrie.

I think as long as you get something at 14mp that accepts large capacity SD Cards, and supports video, you will be ok.
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Love Covert, been using for 7 years. Have one that is 5 years old and has been out year round. One of the biggest issues I see with the cheaper cameras is the missed pictures. I don't care about 12+ Megapixel, * is plenty, I want it to trigger and capture all. I have a Wildgame that captures half of what my Covert MP8 captures, I put both on same tree( Covert had 1725 and Wildgame 775. Not good!!
Right now they have their 2017 blackhawk on sale for 175$ it's a wireless cell camera with blackflash.
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No matter what camera I highly recommended going blackflash. I have 10 cameras now and only 1 IR left and I never use that in a spot I think has good bucks in.
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Moultrie A-30

Great camera for under $100

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