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KS hunt.
I was reading easymorningrenel’s post about acorns and thought I would show what I did to adjust to limited acorns.

In KS acorns were weak and its a main food right now. A weak crop caused me concern because no deer were traveling in my fav places so I checked over some pics of tree tops identifying bigger acorn trees and moved to a mature patch that had some large trees. I then chose and setup on a travel path near them and busted one Smile

This is a pic of area I LOVE and was in for 4 days not seeing much. Notice no red leaf acorn trees.

[Image: f797e71cdde962e378fee9ad0c556543.jpg]

This is the area I killed my buck in. It had big mature acorn trees that had an ok crop so I set up next to it where the small prairie dropped into it and BINGO. When I was concerned I reviewed these pics I took early and figured I would hit these acorn trees (read leafs). Was a good choice!
[Image: 4e26526ee3679a04019c380f8d336751.jpg]

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Big Bucks are easy - Thats why I shoot little ones!
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Congrats man....would love to be in a position to be able to do something like that!
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Congrats Bow!! Way to adjust and connect, gotta love when a plan comes together. Glad for ya man! And as always thanks for sharing and all the great details.

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