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Thompson Lake Rainbow Trout
Hey, if anyone is interested Thompson Lake on GR Thompson WMA just got a fresh batch of Rainbow trout on Thursday.   I was there with the Game Wardens when they dumped them in.
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Is the dam still leaking? Last time I went to Thompson, the water level was really low. That was the last stocking this past spring. I was able to WALK out to the island in the back!

I've been watching the stocking site. But my job seems to schedule meetings on the days after trout get put in the water!

Hoping to head out sometime this season.
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They don't post Thompson's stockings on the website. But yea the dam is still leaking but last I was out there its only about 3ft below the spillway. Game warden said is was still about 35ft deep. I want to try smallmouth there in the spring, hopefully the dam holds up until then. When I as on the back of the lake you couldn't walk to the island but I could see the bottom.
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