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Seeking Advice

I am a new member here on the forum and I am seeking advice from some expert turkey hunters. I'll try to keep this short but I also want to make sure I describe the situation specifically in hopes of finding advice tailored specifically for my issues. 

First off, a little introduction, I am originally from Jordan and I have been hunting since I was 6 years old. Over there we mostly hunt dove, quail, grouse, pheseant, boars, rabbits and ducks (if we can find any). I have been in the United States for 4 years now, and I am a student at Virginia Tech. This fall I decided I want to start turkey hunting and I have permission from a landowner to hunt on his property. His property is mostly woods (not sure of tree type) and it was a large clearing in the center and one side is on a small river.  I have been practicing on a glass slate call and I feel like I am good enough to sound like a turkey. I have also been reading online trying to learn about turkey hunting. Also I have a strutting tom half decoy (with the fan). I have been on his property 4 times since fall turkey season opened and here is what happened. 

1st time: Arrived at 6:00am, set up blind next to tree line in the opening. No turkey sounds what so ever for the whole day (I left at around noon), did not see any turkeys, and I was trying different calls (yelps, clucks, etc..) and no response whatsoever. 

2nd time: Arrived at 5:30am, same as 1st time no sounds no sightings no response. 

3rd time (yesterday): The owner had mentioned that he has seen a flock on his property and he called me saying he saw them that morning. I got to his property around 3:30pm, and it was raining pretty hard. As expected, the rain had driven the turkeys to the field and I saw a flock of 10 turkeys right in the middle of the field. I tried breaking them off in different directions (hoping to set up at the break site and call them in again) but I was far and they all moved together in the same direction. I still set up and tried calling them in (kee-kees) but to no avail. I eventually saw them walking into the woods and heard some sounds (it was getting dark) then everything went quiet. I think I know thats where they roost. 

4th time (This morning): I got there at 6:30am, set up close to where I saw them yesterday in the field but without setting up my decoy (not sure if its the proper decoy to use in the fall, also not sure if the flock has any toms i dont think I saw any). No turkey sounds at all, I tried calling a few yelps/clucks every 15 min but to no avail. At 8:45 they came out from the trees (same spot they went into last night) and they were walking along the driveway (seemed to be feeding), I stopped calling as soon as I saw them and waited for them to get close enough for a shot. They walked towards me for a little bit (Still not enough for a good shot) and then they moved back into the woods. Tried calling, tried waiting, and eventually at around noon I left. 

I really like how hard it is to bag a turkey and this motivates me even more to be more detail-oriented and learn the techniques behind hunting turkey. I feel like I am missing out on the basics or something because to me it seems very weird that not a single turkey in the flock makes any sounds, dont respond to my calls, or to my decoy (which I had set up yesterday but not today). I am unsure of how to deal with them. Any advice is appreciated in terms of decoy (what to use, how to use, when to use), calling (different calls for fall/spring, when to call, when to stop), and more importantly bringing them closer to a get a good shot. I feel like I need to master the basics first and this might be my problem. The first two times I thought the property had no turkeys but yesterday and this morning I saw them yet couldnt get a good shot.

Thank you for all your help,
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Good luck, I haven’t shot a turkey yet, but there are plenty of folks here who will have some useful information for you.
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i don't hunt turkeys in the fall so i'm not much help either. i do spring gobbler hunt. i'm not sure using a strutting decoy works in the fall. my understanding is that you focus on the breeding behaviors in the spring (hence using strutting decoys in spring) and focus on the flocking herd mentality in the fall. i think you are supposed to call soft kee kees and the like in the fall. it's bound to be a challenge as they are usually grouped up and with so many sets of eyes upon you, it's hard to get the gun up. good luck. if you don't connect in the fall, try again in the spring where you might find it a bit easier to get one to come to you.
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Try to scatter the turkeys when you see them. Then set/build a blind where they scattered from, soft call and wait. Or either try to pattern them like deer but that is really hard
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what skimerhorn said - flush em up …… then build a blind from a fallen tree top or something to conceal yourself. If You flush them early, You can set up a few hours before dark, and soft call them. If You flush them late, get in there early morning, and soft call.
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Go deer'll have opportunities for all kinds of turkeys.

And wait until April...that's what spring is for!!
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If they are in a flock:
In the fall I like to do a lot of soft purrs (they make this call frequently when feeding). I will use a couple of different calls to try to sound like a group of turkeys contentedly feeding. Every now and then it will bring in the whole flock.

If they are broken up:
Set up near the break up site (a little uphill preferably) and try to call them in.
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bust them up and call them back together. best to bust them off the roost in the dark. you can bust them off the ground but they have to be close enough that you can get them to scatter and not all fly away in the same direction. setup in a place that they have to come within range to see what's calling. their ability to pinpoint the location of the source of calling is incredible so if they don't see a turkey where the calling is coming from they'll hang up and get agitated. decoys can help, but they can also hurt you. i would only use a single hen decoy if anything. try to learn and kee kee and assembly yelp on a diaphragm. and as always, be still!
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Your tactics are better for spring turkeys. Hunting them in the fall is completely different. The guys above have given you good recommendations.

There is also a Nat. Wild Turkey Federation chapter at VT. Contact Kyle Talylor kylet54@ the vt edu address.
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