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Learn to hunt at 36
Hello everyone.  I have never hunted before but I really want to learn.  I have wanted to for some time but I honestly have not taken any steps to make it happen.  I am committed to learning now and I want to learn how to hunt not just deer, but waterfowl, turkey, and anything else I can hunt around here.  I live in Yorktown, VA, so if there is anyone looking for a new hunting buddy or wouldn't mind taking on an apprentice I would love to meet you.  I was in the Army for almost 9 years, so I do know gun safety and shooting, just not the ins and outs of hunting itself.  So, please let me know if there is anyone out there that can help point me in the right direction to learn I would really appreciate it.  Thanks
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Don’t worry, I was older when I started hunting too. Welcome to the forum, first step is to get a hunter’s safety course under your belt. Then stop by a Walmart and pick up a regulations booklet. You can also read them online. Cheers from Korea (still serving with the Army).
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Welcome to the forum.

First thing is take the hunter safety course.

Next thing is to look at the WMAs. Stick around and get to know people. Join in the conversations. Just being honest but people aren’t likely to take someone the just met on a forum out to their hunting spots. That said don’t get discouraged. People are willing to meet up at the WMAs after they get to know you here.

Heck I would be willing to meet up and show you some stuff, if we can figure out a WMA that isn’t too far for either of us. Start asking everyone you know about spots to hunt. I ask everyone and get a lot of no’s but this past weekend I picked up a winery.

Last thing.....careful with that waterfowling stuff. It is addicting and expensive. Just buying decoys and calls can be expensive. Find a farm near you that is holding birds. Get to know people here and see if any of us are close enough to make the drive and bring all our gear. That would help you get started.

Good luck and again welcome to the forum and thanks for your service. There are a bunch of us here that are Vets.

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Good luck. Spring and turkey will be a great time to start and I'd be willing to help then. I'm currently in the fredericksburg area
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Yea, be really careful with the waterfowl hunting. It is expensive but is the most fun I've ever had hunting. If you can afford all the ammo that is. I think in just a few weeks of hunting I spent more money on ammo than anything else I had bought including the shotgun, but had an absolute blast doing it.
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I concur on taking the hunting course. And starting late is all relative. I started seriously in my mid-40s. What part of Bama are you from?
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