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I know there aren't too many NASCAR fans here and as with hunting, there seem to be fewer and fewer each year. With this years rule changes looks like all the cars have become cookie cutter mirror images performance wise and they'll all be able to just mash the throttle, keep in it for the entire lap and take all the engineering out of the equation. It's making it very difficult to be a fan anymore. The only thing they've done right so far is assessing a last place finish if the car gets a L1 or L2 penalty.
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That sucks. Why do they change the scoring format, like every year? I really want to follow it, but I can't understand all the scoring stuff.
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Brian France being in drugs screwed it up.

It is getting stupid. Everything to cut costs for teams but every car will be almost exactly the same. Really going to come down to pit crews and driver talent.

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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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