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VA couple hunts, cooks together
Seattle times story on VA Hunters
Wade Truong and Rachel Owen prepare a post-hunt lunch of Peking goose on flour tortillas smeared with hoisin sauce at home in Fredericksburg, Va., Jan. 10, 2019. As the ranks of American hunters dwindle, millennials like Truong are taking up the tradition, seeking a direct connection to what they eat. (Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/The New York Times)

Are we seeing more new hunters that focus more on field to fork or sustainability or is this a passing fad for younger hunters? I read more and more stories about how passionate the millennial generation is, and i do see that their passions tend to override the bulk of their choices in things like employment, education, and recreational pursuits. 

Is this safe for the future of hunting? Or are the traditions of hunters from yesteryear always subject to change and the need to rely on future generations developing interest in keeping recreational hunting viable? As millenials begin to ascend to leadership roles in our government, do you find that their conditioning by a largely anti-hunting academia has harmed our sport in the long term?
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This was in the NY Times earlier this month.  Great story.
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