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forget mountain lions we have tigers in VA
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wish i had found that. i could've had a lot of fun pranking some people with it. reminds me of being in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and finding someone's taxidermy lion in the river with lots of other debris.
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You guys remember the live Bengal tiger that got loose near Cass WV?
Sent from Delaware....
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It seems to happen more than not.

Around 1995 my guard unit was out training at Ft. Dix.  Late night in the ops center and one of our new female troops had to take a latrine break.

I told her to bring someone and watch out for Tigers!.

She said "There are no tigers out there!"

I tossed the day's local paper to her where a headline was of a Tiger caught in the woods at nearby Six Flags Great Adventure.  Which was just a few miles from the bivouac sites at Ft. Dix.

The amusement park Safari Manager said it was not one of their tigers.

The young troop's eyes grew wide as she read the article.

A crazy lady who lived on the border of the military post had a private Tiger Preserve and clams that all 12 of her cats were accounted for.  Later she got evicted from the property and tried to relocate to Connecticuitt, then New Hampshire, etc.  Don't know what happened to her cats.
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