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for those that food plot
Wondering if those turkey hunters that are into hunting over decoys in and around food plots.... do you use  todays ground blinds or natural/hides blinds?  old school or "new school"?
Share your passion, that a kid hunting!
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old school …. I'm a run and gun type of hunter. I'm not going to wait on the bird - I'm going to Him, and use whatever cover is available. If the bird is working a area that cover is zero, I'll find cover just outside that area, and try to bring Him in.
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We hunt a lot out of one of our deer huts. Its in a good location and have killed several out of it. Its one of those places where you can sit and wait and they will be there. But we also do a lot of run and gun and set up sometimes on the fly. We also put a couple brush blinds up in some places where we know we have had some luck in the past.
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I have a blind on a 8 ft platform that overlooks about 1 acre of clover. I have another ground box a friend made on another clover plot. And a 3rd blind on a small clover plot that I had to replant last year because they ate all the sprouts. Here the season runs late. I have not heard or seen 1 on my land or near it. The same thing happened last year. They show up later. But I did pick up 300 acres of the adjoining pasture land I can hunt. That helps.
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