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Had 2 yotes come in directly behind me. I was sitting under a pine tree with low hanging limbs. I could hear the yotes feet running up behind me across the pasture. One passed to my left about 15 yards away. The second litterally ran under the tree i was sitting under and never let up nor did she smell me. She was only 2 feet from me running wide open! She went to the call and figured out she had made a mistake and turned left running. I barked and she stopped long enough for me to punch her with 55 gr worth of .223 poison! 77 yard shot. Not sure where the other yote went. It was really exciting to have them that close and never wind me. [Image: 3fe04704ae3ac5a7764ef3f8fdcd20ab.jpg]

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Another good night bro. Keep on punching 'em!
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great shot!
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Very nice!
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