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Turkeys got my number!
Had two nice birds close enough for a shot, one yesterday morning and again, today!  Simply could not get a clean shot on either so I passed! How come, something, at times can be so easy and again, at time be so hard!     

    Turkeys 2,  Cut 0
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i feel your pain. why are the birds always just on the other side of the property line where you can't reach them?!
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Had to come and strut for me today only to be taken away by his girls before I got them in range
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I'm in the same boat. Had a tom hung up on a creek and had to use a gobble call to get him to come in. He got within fifty yards but couldnt find the source of the gobbles(I had one hen decoy out). He saw the hen decoy and walked a perimeter around her trying to get her to come to him. Never finished the last ten yards so i could get a comfortable shot. I backed out after an hour of that. Tomorrow im taking a half strut jake with me.

Tom's 1....wildbill 0....

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We waited till the rain almost stopped. Headed in and saw a deer in a far field. Thought we heard a turkey so I called and he gobbled. He was way down a field so we backed up and went down the adjacent field. Got close to him but there was a strip of woods about 50 yards wide between us. We got set up and I called again. He answered along with another bird that was way down in the woods near a creek.

I waited and called again. Both birds answered. They answered a 3rd time and that was it. We held tight waiting to see if either would show. Nothing. We got up and walked down to see if he was in that field but we never got another gobble.

Oh well. That is how it goes.

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We've all been there.
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