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FOR SALE:  Rem 870SM - Burris FF3 - Ready for Turkey
Remington 870 Super Mag 
Adjustable pistol grip stock
Indian Creek Choke
Burris FF3 2moa red dot with custom gaurd
Steel extractor upgrade
Timney 870 trigger upgrade (super crisp and light trigger)

Zero'd in with 3.5" Mag Blends. Ready to hunt. Have original matching buttstock as well. 

600$ - OBO! No trades 
Location - York County

[Image: 40654223373_b96a20c297_c.jpg]870SM Burris FF3 by BrandonScott9654
[Image: 47620729471_3de0afaabe_c.jpg]870SM Burris FF3 by BrandonScott9654, on Flickr
[Image: 46896446504_deb422b220_c.jpg]870SM Burris FF3 by BrandonScott9654, on Flickr
 [Image: 46705226205_755914f860_c.jpg]870SM Burris FF3 by BrandonScott9654, on Flickr
[Image: 40654221673_2d1f4dee76_c.jpg]870SM Burris FF3 by BrandonScott9654, on Flickr
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Wow that is a smoking deal. That Burris is almost $250 itself.
Founder: Make it Rain

If it is in season I will hunt it.
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Dude, did you get a felony or something?! you've about sold every firearm you had these last couple of years and gone all air rifle on us or something.
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Lol. No felonies. Just different stages of life. I'm going to build a 20ga.
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