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VA Hunting in God's Country
Hi guys and gals.

I wanted to reach out here and maybe strike up a few conversations of value with a few like-minded folks. In the past I've always avoided such platforms. While the sport of hunting brings out the absolute best in people, it can also bring out the worst- Particularly with jealousy. Whether it's about a neighbor harvesting "your" deer or resentment stemming from the haves and have nots. This negativity all too often flows into the realm of forums. Hopefully this will not be the case here!

Avid hunter here
Completely enthralled with maps and new hunting techniques
Fondness for gobbling toms and good handshakes
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Welcome to the forum; lots of good folks to share experience and stories with.
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Glad you found us. Probably the one place you won’t see that stuff and if you do it is very rare and dealt with quick.

Sure we don’t all agree on everything but you will see a lot of people congratulating folks in their harvests.

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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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Thank you, thank you guys. Sounds like the place to be!
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