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What part of the season are we in now?
As a rather inexperienced turkey hunter, I was wondering if someone can clue me in as to what part of the season we are in.  As this would seem to drive tactics, what would be the best bet, set up on a field edge and call over decoys or use a locator call and run and gun?  Haven't been able to scout much at all, but I have had pretty good success going in 'blind' after a google map scout and at least getting within earshot of a gobbler on the roost.  At this point, I would count just seeing a bird as a successful season.  Thanks.

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Unless it is raining I would be in the woods.. and with leaves out get as close as you think you can to the roost if you get one gobbling. My .02.
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my technique: go to where you think birds are, set up, and call a bit, take a nap. if nothing arrives after an hour to an hour and a half, move to another spot and repeat. good luck.
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Ive never hunted this late. Never had to.. so I cant comment

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Late season is often when some of the best birds are taken. Younger birds were excited and often are the first to run into call can't wait to breed. The older birds sit back but now that a lot of hens are on the nest they want to get a little action too.
They get to breed once a year, can you imagine how we would act if we only got to do that?? The birds that are left will still be looking to breed, they can be educated by this time and have been hunted hard but they still want to breed.
I tree to roost night before and if not try to locate one on the roost in the morning and get within 100-150 yards depending on terrain.
After that I run and gun, I try to always get them to answer twice before I set up on one, sometimes you will get that 1 "courtesy" gobble even though he might not have any interest.
I'm an aggressive caller(not non stop) so once I get one to answer I will give around a hour depending on his responses or lack of and then move onto to find another. They key simply put is to find the willing bird.

There is no right or wrong way to hunt them, if it is legal it is good!
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(05-02-2019, 08:30 PM)Alex G. Wrote: Ive never hunted this late. Never had to.. so I cant comment

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? 05/03 is late in the season for you? Good lord. Either you are a straight killer or your hunting some dang good properties to be tagged out every year by the first week of May. Impressive either way.

I'll be in the woods for the 2nd time tomorrow calling for a neighbor but shooting if the opportunity presents. Strategy is get to cow pasture. Try to shock call something in the woods and if I get a response head that way. If not then go set near a known strutting area and wait an hour or so then run and gun. Guessing tomorrow am should be a decent am for gobbles til they hit the ground. Low winds and crunchy woods should make for some fun hunting.
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