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Joyriding VA National Guard LT plans to plead insanity
Folks probably remember this guy from last year;  [Image: ZWDPMZTMBZFFRF5UTAMRCFQAA4.png]
Joshua Yabut, a soldier accused of stealing an armored personnel carrier from a National Guard base in June, is expected to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. (Richmond City Sheriff's Office via AP)

The Army National Guard officer accused of stealing an armored personnel carrier from Fort Pickett last June is scheduled to go on trial May 20.
But Joshua Yabut’s trial has been put on hold because the 30-year-old first lieutenant plans to plead not guilty by reason of insanity, according to WTVR. A new hearing in Nottoway County, Virginia, is set for July 2.
Yabut is accused of stealing the military vehicle and leading police on a more than 60-mile chase to Richmond, Virginia, while under the influence of drugs. He said he had permission to take the APC, but Virginia National Guard officials denied that in initial reports.
Emergency personnel surround a National Guard military vehicle taken from Fort Pickett, Va., on June 5, 2018. Police said they arrested an officer who took the armored personnel carrier after chasing him for more than 60 miles. (Grace Hollars/Richmond Times-Dispatch via AP)

The charges of driving under the influence and unauthorized use of a vehicle were dismissed in a deal in September, but he still faced a charge of felony eluding police, according to the AP. He was found competent after a 2½-month evaluation at a mental hospital.

Yabut’s case took another twist in January when he violated the terms of his bond and traveled to Iraq, somehow losing his ankle monitoring bracelet along the way. He used his valid military ID to board a flight at Naval Station Norfolk before flying commercially from Charlotte, North Carolina, the rest of the way to Baghdad. He returned to Norfolk two days later, according to WTVR. His military ID is no longer valid and he was put back behind bars.

This guy is a slippery crook. Remanded to custody doesn't mean the same thing that it used to. The real crime is that he stole a M1068 Command post carrier, and not something that had any offensive capabilities. Being a lieutenant, he can always try the "I was lost" argument..
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