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FOR SALE/FOR TRADE: Antler Gifts for Holiday's
Unfortunately I wasn't able to get out in the woods this weekend, but I did make it to the garage.

For those of you that may not know, I make a lot of items on a wood lathe. I decided to turn some things out of antler and offer them here to kick off the season.

This is just a small sampling of what I can make. If you have anything specific you may be interested in, just let me know. I can also use your own antler. This is very popular for the holidays as a keepsake memory of a specific hunt or deer.

I have a wide variety of pen options, razor handles, bottle stoppers, letter openers, bottle openers, etc. I can make most items out of antler or I have a wide variety of exotic woods as well.

The keys chains pictured here are $20 each and are the size of a .308. I can also do them in .300 Winchester Mag. And yes, the one key chain is antler that has been dyed blue / teal. Others have been embellished by a torch or left natural.

The pen is $40.

The ring is not for sale as I custom make those for a specific size. I can make them all antler, as shown, or can put them on a stainless steel core. PM me if interested.

Price is plus actual shipping charge.

I hope some of you got off to a great season. I hope to be out myself next weekend!

[Image: 573248690219386b6eb8c9a5bb7c7c57.jpg][Image: 0a9579a80a50ce9c57005b0a31926324.jpg][Image: 1760209c423f85a7779daf26b38066a4.jpg][Image: 89f2b92ffcf43b20f416f20faf4b398b.jpg][Image: 8fd3673078a6025544545a6994f96e51.jpg][Image: d4561dcc2933229718e1e1f6c131f289.jpg][Image: 4927ed699007d617e4626943f1cb8b37.jpg][Image: 1781a7ebeb494b60e5c6a4e44ecbe5d9.jpg][Image: 325d2a4eca552f7d04e660cb93279e48.jpg][Image: 8fb3f53fefc7a0ccf0d19c06a1ff821d.jpg]
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