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Working the scrape
I know it isn't VA, but I hunt just across the river from NOVA in MD also.  I went over there yesterday and the deer have kept open the mock scrape I made a few weekends ago.  It can be hit or miss for me on if they will hit a scrape I made or not.  Tried something new this year, Bux Stop by Pure One Outdoors, it is a synthetic so you can use it here in VA too. 
Now I hope they keep it up.  I have a nice buck on camera that was an 8 last year.  He is a main frame 10 with a split G2 this year.
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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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It didn't happen if there is no picture. No holding out on us!

Good luck; sounds like a nice deer.

My experience with mock scrapes is all over the place, but I've come to the conclusion that they don't hurt. One of the best ones I've ever made was with my boot, and then me getting rid of my morning coffee right on top of it.
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