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H-Finder App on VADGIF site

VGDIF has a site where property owners and hunters can connect.

I doubt it will actually work, but I figure as long as they don't charge, it is worth a shot.

It is meant to connect landowners with license deer hunters.

You fill out a form and provide a reference and if a property owner does the same, they may contact you to hunt on their property.

VDGIF has something similar about 10 years ago to connect hunters with property owner who had a problem with feral hogs.  I registered along with over 400 other hunters. I know of no one who was ever contacted.
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Yea I saw this, if we are talking about the same thing. I think its a lease program. Landowners provide a price and you can purchase it for a certain duration. I glanced at it maybe two years ago, I thought it was over priced.

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