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Tanning question - scraping
So my first effort at tanning destroyed the hide while bucking.  This time around, my daughter asked me to leave the hair on so I"m trying that.  Fleshed okay.  Dried okay (I think) and now I'm scraping.  From what I've read and what I've heard, scraping should leave a sued-like texture before braining.  I have that suede texture but some areas there is a lot more white and others it's more like a milky gray color.  Still other areas it looks blood stained and I can't tell much else.  

The videos I've watched of people working hides seem to be much more consistent in color than mine.  Is there some way to tell properly when I've scraped enough and it's ready for braining?  

The picture attached is when I first started scraping to give some hints of the color variances.  
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