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I missed!

I set up in his bedroom area and heard him gobble nearby only one time at sunrise. He never showed up and i saw two of his hens sneaking off the other direction and off the property. At 8am, i moved to my secondary set up spot. I set out my decoys and hid in my spot that i had previously brushed in on three sides, only leaving the side towards the decoy open for shooting. Little to no action until i heard the neighbors noisily driving along the property line, only 50 yards away from where I was set up. It was 10:30 and I thought about packing up to leave, but decided to stay put a little longer. 45 minutes later, i heard a single gobble call out. I couldn't tell which direction it came from. I readied myself and watched and waited, but nothing was coming into view or making any noise. I did some light calling and finally, he arrived like a shadow. He was approaching from directly downrange, on the other side of my decoy. He was in a half strut pose and was walking very cautiously. It stopped short of reaching the decoy. Even though i wasn't moving, he could see me! He came out of strut, lifting his head and turning to run only to stop after two steps to re-enter his half strut and begin approaching the jake again. Then, he did it again, came out of strut, lifted his head and began to do his panic zig-zag run away. This instilled a panic mode in me too and I threw the gun up to my shoulder and took two ‘pot shots’ at him. He took flight and sailed away out of sight and out of my dreams. If only he had approached from a different angle or if i hadn't panicked and shot at him, maybe he would have calmed down and approached again--and maybe not and i would've been kicking myself for not trying to shoot him. now he's educated and going to be even harder to kill. i think he was a wise bird that must've been hunted hard in the past as he was very very cautious and i had nearly successfully outsmarted him. instead, it ended up that he outsmarted me.
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Sorry bro.. but a good hunt and lots of patience.. it happens..
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