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Scope for 22lr
(12-17-2014, 06:25 AM)BAY BEAGLE Wrote: for the price, and going on a 22 - a Bushnell Banner scope serves my purpose -

agreed a good solid scope for the price have one on my .22 and 30/30
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(12-16-2014, 11:58 PM)Squid Wrote: I've never had to send any of my scopes back for repair or back to customer service Sad  If I ever have to, I will post a review.

No doubt, one bad dealing with a company can do it.  I'm loyal to anything that proves itself to me.  If it fails me once, I will find a better one that will not.

I haven't had to send one back for repair either but I do take advantage of Leupolds free service of having a technician certify that everything is in working order. My life revolves around Preventative Maintenance and having piece of mind that a scope will not fail is awesome!

I have a Bushnell Dusk to Dawn which came with my 20ga slug gun. Not my first choice but it has worked great thus far.
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leupold customer service has been excellent, i picked up a very nice target ar that had a leupold markIV 30mm tube scope on it and it had been zeroed at around 300+ because it would hold a dime size group at 100 that was 18-24 inches high. i had no instructions with this scope but the customer service rep kindly walked me through loosening the turrets and lowering the elevation and sent me all the manuals free of charge.
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Hi guys. I have been using Nikon Buckmaster II 3-9X45 BDC. This is a great scope for 22lr. Before I got mine, That was the scope that my dad was using. Then I decided to upgrade my firearm and also the riflescope. It is amazing that lots of comments are truly pointing at Nikon and Vortex. Good choice people. I hope I did make an impact on this topic! My advice that people should do more researching before finally making choice in order not to regret.
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