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Working on the land
So I convinced my kids and 2 of their cousins to help me clear out a natural blind yesterday. They were ''making a play place in the woods''. Dad win!
[Image: 438e888a45bc11f54e3968e336b9990f.jpg]

I also found the spot I'm going to build my stand. It lines out just right with the paths I recently made. It's not much yet but I'll keep posting as I find time to work on it. But for now here is my spot!
[Image: 0d6a3216a656901d37e5ca90b85b7dd5.jpg]

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Free labor and they were having fun playing. Can't beat that
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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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thats right,get em involved. Some of the best "hunting" times,are not during hunting season,but the preparation.The kids remember those special times spent with Daddy or anyone else involved in their lives.
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