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Full Version: Looking for opportunities to Hunt private land for VA Urban Archery
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I am new to VAHunting and looking for a place this winter for Urban Archery, in Suffolk, Chesapeake or one of the surrounding areas where the season is open.

General Info about me:
  • I am a 55 year conservative professional, and always respectful and focused on safety, stewardship and ethics on any tract of land - private, leased or public.
  • As Christian dad I am teaching my 12 year son to Deer Hunt. He is always under my direct supervision. 
  • We still hunt with a ground blind and Archery Equipment. He shoots the crossbow and I am the mentor.  
  • When I hunt by myself, I use a portable tree stand. 
So, I am in search of opportunities to Hunt private land near Tidewater, VA where the Urban Archery is open.  This could be either leased land or club opportunities.  I appreciate any suggestions on this.  

Thank you and Great Forum and Community You have here.

Hey welcome and good luck finding a spot. It’s tough locating new digs.
Thank you and I have some a few local connections, and understand the challange. You just have to put the request out there. Personal connections through my work and church have been fruitful for traditional firearms season. We just got stated with Urban Archery, so it will take time and leg work. Thx again, SwampFox.