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Full Version: Herter decoys
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I have some old Herter decoys I need to sell. These belonged to my waterfowl partner that passed away. I am trying to help his mom and sister out.

7 mallards with 3 extra heads.

Not exactly sure what the other ones are.

Best I can tell they could be worth like $25 each. I don’t expect to get that much out of them.

[Image: 5df258cf6e503020014aac908fa2a6c3.jpg][Image: 28f44522e976657b7ba157ab3b4514ec.jpg][Image: bf463187cb7203c111401f53e7570a69.jpg][Image: 929177deae9bb0f5883f1e64e67c68f6.jpg][Image: 75e5a44451bc3166e7dadf2c67d63c84.jpg]

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I can let them all go for $150.

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The other are bufflehead

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