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Full Version: Summit viper sd and muddy ground blind
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Summit viper Sd, comes with front storage pouch, footrest, screw-in bow/gun holder, harness and extra seat. $250

Muddy 360 ground blind, top is a little faded. Only set up to get rid of the smell. No rips or tears. $100
Located in Dahlgren.
[Image: 2100ffb7e373ae595a50f07a4a6ac71a.jpg]
[Image: 0385572101a5f84a2efcdbd63c0491da.jpg]
[Image: 97b7d6bd313388c06a3480a51c423a99.jpg]
[Image: 995559dd017ecb7bc915ec82029001fe.jpg]
[Image: 1d3784a9f0c60f09f3c90427aa484729.jpg]
[Image: 96f2ffa798229817dd6d5362c8ffadb7.jpg]

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I’ll do a packaged deal if someone gets both for $300.

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