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Full Version: Predator hunting again
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As seasons past I am offering for members to come and hunt with me! I promise nothing other then plenty of land to hunt, lots of walking and FUN! Have enjoyed meeting a few members and sharing a hunt over the years. Mostly do night hunts and have plenty of extra equipment if needed.
Have a motel within 2 miles of me that runs like $50 a night if you need a place to shower and rest before driving back!!
Looking forward to meeting a new member, enjoying a hunt with someone I've already been with, or taking out a rookie!
Chuck knows how to kill predators ya'll. I went last year and had a blast, even though both of us missed Wink
I'd like to go with ya! I just wing it when I go and hope something dumb comes by haha. Guess that's why I've only ever gotten foxes?
Awesome Chuck!
Sweet offer! I might have to take u up on that!
I need to get a scope on my AR first. Would love to see how you run things
Chuck quick question- is .308 too large of a caliber for larger predators like coyotes? If it's not, I have a nice 3-12x56 scope rigged up and dialed in with a red dot that would be perfect for low light conditions.
If your not selling pelts nothing is to big, lol!
Appreciate the offer Chuck, I'd definitely be up for a hunt!

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Well Chuck I wouldn't know the first thing about selling pelts, but i'd follow your instructions for shot placement. I just don't have confidence in my AR right now without a nice scope on it. Iron sights are fine for day time, but night is a different story.

Welcome to the forum, WIHunter15
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