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Full Version: New Hunter Looking for Mentor
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I'm a new hunter who's looking for an experienced hunter to go hunting with in Northern Virginia and who can provide mentorship and training. I'm willing to compensate with either meat from any kills I make or with money. PM me if your interested. Thanks.

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I'm sure someone up in your neck of the woods will step up and help you out! A fine bunch here,plenty of hunting knowledge passed around here.......Welcome to the site!
Welcome to the forum.

We are in the off season right now. Couple things....hopefully one of these weekends a couple of us from NOVA can grab lunch. Good to put faces with names.

Start looking around for property. Ask people you, friends and co-workers. If you archery hunt it is a little easier. If you can find a couple acres to hunt that will work. Easier to get someone to help you out if you have a place to hunt. Places are hard to come by up here.
Got it, thanks for the feedback. Please let me know if a group of you in the NOVA area end up grabbing lunch.

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Will do. I hope to throw something together after turkey season. I will make a post about it.
Stick around and learn from the posts on here. Lots of successes posted and tips to learn.
Come to ft Belvoir, the season is ending but there is an archery range and great people

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I've actually been thinking about buying a crossbow because I figured it would open up more opportunities for me to hunt. Are you part of the belvoir bowhunters club or do you meet people there more informally? I know the season is ending but I wanted to meet people so I'm ready for next year. I could definitely meet up with you guys, just give me a time and location on base. Feel free to call me Philip. Thanks!


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I don't know if they changed it but last I knew you could only use a crossbow on Belvoir if you are disabled.

If you can find a piece of private property that you can hunt I would be happy to help you take a look at it and see where a couple good spots to hang stands would be and then help you out up stands. Ladder stands are good and they are real easy to put up.
Cool, thanks. I'll take a look at a regular bow. I've used one before but not much experience.

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