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2015 Waterfowl Pictures - vadeerslayer - 10-20-2015

Skimerhorn, MD just an hour or so east of DC

Getting out in the woods as much as possible the next two weeks. It's going to be on

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RE: 2015 Waterfowl Pictures - 67gt390fb - 10-20-2015

How much land and what kind of ducks, have plenty of deer here but won't turn down opportunity at something better

RE: 2015 Waterfowl Pictures - BOW4UM - 10-21-2015

Not sure yet and will be searching... We have a friend with 325 of premo land in MD who takes 150"+ every year and a lot of deer. Also some fantastic goose and a swamp for ducks but that’s his. We are talking to him to help us search and he knows this stuff and has won awards for wildlife land restorations. He is a good contact for this stuff and you would not believe the deer they kill - I wish I could post them but out of respect I will not as that only invites poaching and people searching... If we find anything and need folks we will advertise for the right persons...

This does not mean some on here can’t join up and do the same as we are always interested… and you never know - Heck I have a free lease in KS I have killed some studs on Smile

RE: 2015 Waterfowl Pictures - skimerhorn - 10-21-2015

I'm in for fowl don't really care about the deer as much. I'll leave them yall boys