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New trapper looking for guidance
Looking at getting into trapping and would really like to see if anyone is willing to show me the ropes of how to get it done. I don't mind driving distance to meet up. I live near lorton.
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I started up again last year. I had trapped muskrats and racoon as a kid. I was trying for 'yotes but didn't score on it last season. I did score on skunk ! Twice. Then caught a bobcat at the same set.
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Well I am no expert but I can show you some things. I learned a few years ago. Trapped in my back yard in Springfield for a bit. Had to get rid of some raccoons and foxes.

Suggestion is go with Bridger traps. Duke traps were always big when I was younger. Seems the quality has gone way down. I will have to find it but I found a good place to buy stuff from. Fur Harvester or something like that.

I built my own catch pole too.

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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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Thanks everyone for there help so for!! Means alot
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