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Rapp stripers
This is going to be a big week for striper fishing in the Rappahannock around Fredericksburg. 
They are a little late this year but the bite has been good the last couple of days and will only get better thru the week.
The season starts next Saturday so it's just catch and release now.
Lots of catfish and snakeheads in the river now to for anyone looking for a fish dinner. Wink

I will probably be fishing it every day if anyone wants to see how it's done and catch a few .

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Never fished for striper.

Snakehead are great eating. They are fun to catch also.

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If it is in season I will hunt it.
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The river was on fire today for the opener.  Unfortunately the size just wasn't good.
There was a good top-water bite until about 7:30 and the plug bite stayed good until about 10:30.
I ended up with 50 caught only one was keeper size at about 20.5" but I don't like to keep any under 22" so she went back.
Fished about 3.5 hours.

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