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4 Wheelers
Hey all.  I am slowly getting in the market to purchase a 4 wheeler.  What do you all have and what are your likes / dislikes about what you have?  I am just starting on some research.  Trying to figure out how big I should go and what I really need.
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I have a 2003 Honda Foreman Rubicon 500. I’ve also had a Kawasaki Bruin 400 and a CanAm Traxter Max. I also use Honda’s of various sizes and have a Kawasaki Mule side by side. My granddaughter has one of those new Bass Pro trackers. If it were me it would be nothing but a Honda. I don’t like the CVT (clutch and belt) models because when you’re going down a hill at idle they are free rolling. My Honda has the transmission to slow you down. I’m very impressed with that Bass Pro tracker my granddaughter has. The kids ride it all over and after 6 months it still runs great. For hunting I would never go below 500 CC. Must have 4 wheel drive and I like it to have a 2 wheel/4 wheel drive option (mine does not). I like large racks. I’ve dragged 3 deer out at one time with 2 of us on the ATV. I made a wheel attachment for my ladder stands and I just wheel them out to set them up. Usually I can get right to the base of the tree.

The most important thing is to run them. Mine gets used most every day and after 17 years it still runs like new.

Avoid anything CanAm on an ATV. I’ve had nothing but issues with them.

Good luck.

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I went with a UTV, have the Honda Pioneer 1000 . sits 5, has a dump bed and the 2 back seats fold down. Holds 1000 and tows 2000.
Luv2fish agree, the honda products are great. I only need to apply brake slightly on steep declines.
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