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2017-18 Hunting Season - New VDGIF regs posted
Thanks given by: Chip , Ridgekaf
All the new stuff is pretty straightforward except for this!

-Earn A Buck (EAB) has been established for private lands in Fauq and Mont Counties and for all towns and cities in Virginia, (except VaBch, Ches & Suffolk).
The questions about EAB section has not been updated to include the above statements and inclusions.
I've emailed the VDGIF leadership asking for a specific definition just because there is no reference to public/private lands as all the other ones do.
But it'll take awhile for and answer, in the meantime, does anyone have a inside connection in the VDGIF to get clarification?
Thanks given by:
Ive gotten quick answers emailing verona in the past on a few fuzzy regs. Good point there
Folgers field tester, Quilted Northern Prostaff
Thanks given by: Galensymn

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