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Holosun HS510C Reflex Optic
Congrats Squid
[Image: gallardo.jpg]
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Add Coyote to the list. And still on the OEM battery. [Image: 56fde3029d67ce3132493a934e4cf636.jpg]

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One year later, still on the OEM battery.
[Image: c77128634c4fcb9bf870867f695d5e53.jpg][Image: 2edc95643042b6e5be50241517ddab20.jpg][Image: 2810c8f501459a1d14b1e001cf9305d7.jpg][Image: 83d0ef4c33ab7bb7d7ccf67fbdb90cfc.jpg]

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Now I've owned the Holosun for over a year, I figure it's time for a final review. It's still on the OEM battery so I would say the solar panels work as advertised. I've used multiple choke tubes, several different shotshells and it still holds zero to the original shell and choke tube I zeroed it to. I've hunted Pheasants, Turkeys, Ducks and Coyotes. I've used it in the desert, woods and cold of winter to hunt ducks. It never failed, has always been lit when I needed it. I've detached the QD and remounted to find zero was still holding.

I'm more than pleased with this optic. I recommend it for anyone who wants an affordable and reliable red dot sight.

Cons, I never found any. However, I did purchase some spare batteries in case I needed them. They are still in their packaging.

Good luck to you all.
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Three years later, I'm still on the OEM battery and still hasn't lost zero. Last year, I did re-zero to Winchester Longbeard XR #6 and it's still on point. The optic, gun, choke and shell combo just clamed my second Longbeard Gobbler of the season at 40+ yards.

I like the optic so much I added one to my AR pistol.

[Image: 51189067007_51c92834b5_b.jpg]

[Image: 51140717467_44b5c1bbd7_b.jpg]
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