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Disappearing wood duck...
Exciting hunt this morning. I had to set up at a diffferent spot than what I had planned but I had a backup spot in mind just in case. Most of the birds flew through the spot I was hunting before legal shooting time. I got a couple shots of at first light and was able to knock a wood duck down that buzzed my decoys.....or so I thought. The duck was at ten yards when I pulled the trigger and locked up and fell not eight feet from me. After trying a shot at his buddy and missing I marked the bird and reloaded my gun. Thats when I heard him flop in the water. i turned around to retrieve the bird and he was gone. I mean straight up Houdini. I searched for an hour in a 100 yard radius and couldnt find a duck that dropped like a rock so close to me that I flinched. Talk about a bad feeling. I swore that bird was dead when he hit the ground but i guess he had other plans. I know he didnt fly away. I was close enough that I would have heard it and before I reloaded my gun I marked him right beside the water. The only thing I can come up with is that he dove under a grass mat and expired. Which I didnt think they could do until I started researching it when i got home. Anyone else ever have this happen?

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Gator got him!
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