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Any new Elevated Blind builds?
Actually, you could probably get away with a cheap garden hose and funnel up in the blind leading down to some bushes.  Keep a jug of water to help "flush" out the funnel and hose when done.

Just remember to never drink from that garden hose!

For a quick start on the project, maybe just build a platform with a few safety rails and anchor a pop-up blind on top.  Remember to use a harness if doing that.  SAFETY!

Later, you can build up a frame and keep things light-weight by using 1 inch foam insulation panels to enclose the sides.  Use clear corrogated plastic roofing panels overhead if you want light, or the opaque ones if you want it dark inside.
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The jokers at Home Depot block international IP addresses from viewing their content. I never paid for a VPN while i was here so i will check the link when i return.

I plan to do just what you said with the platform and a ground blind at first. Since it will be in the spring, i want to give my boy a chance to get comfortable with being higher than the ground before building the platform to height later on. I am thinking about a 6 or 8 foot wide by 8-10 foot long frame for the floor. Wil have to see what design allows for easier access.
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